Saturday, 22 October 2016

State of the art in female to male transsexual surgery

Female to male sex reassignment surgery remains a very challenging and long process. Patients should be followed by a multidisciplinary team of dedicated experts including psychiatrists, endocrinologists, plastic surgeons, gynaecologists and reconstructive urologists in order to achieve the best possible outcome from the transformation. 
At present, the radial artery phalloplasty represents the best choice for penile construction in these patients. This technique allows the creation of a very realistic phallus with tactile and erogenous sensation and with an incorporated neourethra to allow patients to void from the tip of the phallus while standing. After the implantation of an erectile device patients are also able to engage in penetrative sexual activity with confidence. 
This procedure, when performed by large volume surgeons, is very reliable and safe. Currently Mr Garaffa, who is a Consultant Uro-Andrologist at the University College London Hospitals is the reconstructive surgeon who currently performs the largest number of total penile reconstructions in the world and this has been the topic of the uT@lks at the 2016 SIU Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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